Yoni Steam Herbs (V-steam)

Yoni Steam Herbs (V-steam)

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----Yoni Steam Herbs----

Comes in a sealable package (3 to 4 steams)

Benefits of Yoni steaming:
- Cleansing (vaginal hydrotherapy)
- Helps with irregular menstrual cycles, heavy flows
- Eases pain and cramps
- Balances pH levels
- Helps with fertility
- Alleviates postpartum
- Helps reduce the frequency and severity of fibromyalgia symptoms
- Prevent new cysts from forming
-Treats Bacterial and Yeast infections
-Maintains healthy feminine odors
- Increase blood circulation
- Boosts libido
- Heals and tones after childbirth
- Holistic wellness

Red Clover- reduces hot flashes, relieves menstrual discomfort

Blue Cohosh- increase the flow of urine, increases vaginal muscle tone, stimulates circulation

Calendula- heals wounds, cleansing

Motherwort- reducing cramps, support of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, regulate menstrual cycle

Red Raspberry leaf- strengthens and tones the uterine and pelvic muscles, postpartum healing

Plantain- nourishing vaginal tissues, inflammation

Chamomile- reduces vaginal inflammation and swelling, soothes vaginal tissues

Nettle leaf- prevents cell damage, fights infections, detoxifying, decreases heavy menstrual flow

Directions provided on the package.